Before Your Treatment

It’s important that you take certain steps before the treatment to maximize the benefits of the spa service you will receive.

Please be here with time to spare as rushing can take away from the relaxing effect of your treatment. Eating large meals before any massage is not advised as the body will be lethargic and heavy while digesting. Stimulants such as sugar and caffeine are also discouraged as they can keep your body from relaxing.

With any service that involves a scrub, you should arrive at least 30 minutes earlier to shower and soak your skin. The soaking can be done in the hot tub or the steam sauna. The purpose of this is to sufficiently loosen up the skin so that the scrub will effectively take off the dull, dead skin cells to reveal soft, new skin underneath. It also relaxes your muscles in preparation for the treatment to achieve maximum relaxation of your tired body.

If you have any specific requests (strong massage, no washing of hair, etc.) please let the front desk know as you check in for your appointment. It ensures correct communication to the therapist so you can receive the treatment that meets your specific needs.

It is advised to use all spa facilities before the service, as some of the treatments involve an essential oil that is beneficial to leave on the skin for an extended period of time. Use of the facilities after your service can also overburden and stress your skin. Any shaving should be done after the scrub, however, as any razor burns or minor cuts previously unnoticed can become painful during the scrub.